Oreet Ashery

7 Acts of Love

For the past two years artist Oreet Ashery has been working with an alter-ego, Marcus Fisher, on a series of experimental, process-based works titled Say Cheese. Ashery’s alter-ego is an Orthodox Jewish man and the work confronts and questions our understanding of race, gender and sexuality.

The work has taken the form of one-to-one interactions with participants, in bedrooms, and have taken place 7 times in bedrooms all over the world from Liverpool to New York to Llublijana. The bedrooms have been curator’s own bedrooms in their homes, hotel rooms and constructed bedrooms within galleries.

The new website has three parts. The first is an extensive Archive which documents the Say Cheese series of works. This includes photographs, video, texts, examples of interactions that have taken place and letters to and from the participants. Secondly, Bedroom Interactions, is a permanent sound interaction, where a 'god-therapist' leads you through a session on love and loss. Thirdly, a Live Residency, where Marcus Fisher will hold private, one-to-one sessions took place from 15-18 April 2004.


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